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Dye of universal use (for furniture and other articles made of wood).

Dear customers,


 We are happy to offer you a piece of Belarusian production, namely, dye of universal use (for furniture and other articles made of wood). It is an ecological product. It is meant to be used to dye furniture and other wooden articles when they are being manufactured or repaired. This dye represents nut-brown range of colours, it gives the wood noble shades and exposes its texture. Also, it can be mixed with other kinds of synthetic dying stuff. The dye is made of the raw materials of vegetable origin, it is non-toxic. It can be mixed with a certain quantity of water which leads to creating coatings of a range of tones - from very dark to extremely light ones. 




Here is the method to use the given dye:




The concentrate is to be mixed with some quantity of utility drinking water until the desired shade is reached. Then the mixture is to be applied to the surface, previously cleaned and prepared. The instrument can be a roller, a tampon or a brush. When used outdoors, this dye needs further alkyd, vinyl chloride or nitro lacquer coatings. The dye is easy to remove from the skin of the hands with water. 






- extract of vegetable humic substances;

- water.





80-100 grammes per square metre.

Nominal volume: 0.5 - 1 litre.

Expiry term: 2 years if stored at temperature 0 - plus 30 degrees Celsius scale.


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