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Private Industrial Unitary EnterpriseBiochem

The private industrial unitary enterprise “Biochem” is the manufacturer of new generation humic preparations containing more than 75% of biological active substances for being used in agriculture, plant growing, poultry farming and animal husbandry. 


The deterioration of ecological situation and decrease in soil fertility has become a global problem nowadays. Mostly due to the human activity the soil has been accumulating harmful chemical and radioactive substances and heavy metals. The natural biochemical processes and pedogenesis get disbalanced and oppressed. This results in degradation of soils, decrease in gumus content and finally, crop productivity reduction.


The problem of natural fertility recovery and cultivation of ecological production demands balanced and competent application of agropreparations and agrotechnical methods.


One of the products produced by the enterprise “Biochem” is a humic preparation  “Hydrogumin”. This is a humic fertilizer which contains humic acids and their potash and natrium salts (humates) that are water soluble and easy digestible by plants. The salts mobilize the immune system of a plant, stimulate root building, promote intensive inflow of nutrients, intensify the metabolic process of a plant cell, reduce the   contents of nitrates thus increasing  the contents of chlorophyll, vitamins, sugars and other important substances (e.g. gluten in  wheat). “Hydrogumin” provides soil microorganisms growth to stimulate intensive restoration/formation of humus in soil and compost. These factors lead to increase in the crop capacity by 20 – 40%, cutting down the ripening terms by 12 – 15 days and preservation/ recovery of soil fertility.  Due to connecting the products of man-caused contamination (the compounds of mercury, lead, pesticides, radioactive nuclides and others) “Hydrogumin” prevents a plant from taking them out of the soil and therefore can be used as soil rectifier.  The preparation enhances the crop drought and frost resistance. In poultry farming and cattle breeding it is used as revitalizing food additive.


The enterprise "Biochem" began releasing humic preparations in 1986. On its own capacities the enterprise has worked out the technologies of all produced in Belarus humic products (including preparations exported to Russian Federation) to an industrial technological level.  


Today the preparation “Hydrogumin” has gained the major share in manufacturing for being a universal remedy for all kinds of plant growing.


The efficiency of this preparation is tested and confirmed by:

- Belarusian Institute of Vegetable Growing

- Institute of Soil and Agrochemistry of National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus 

- Institute of Agriculture and Selection of National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus 

- National Academy of Science of the Republic of BelarusCentral Botanical Garden

- Institute of Flax of National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus 


Preparation  “Hydrogumin”  is registered in the Catalogue of pesticides and the fertilizers approved to application in Belarus №11-07-0001 of 19.04.2005г

               “Hydrogumin” is produced on the equipment and the production space of the enterprise “Biochem” in accordance with the sanitary-and-epidemiologic legislation of the Republic of Belarus.



The quality of the production corresponds to reference document requirements, at that the enterprise gives special attention to a low share of mechanical impurity that allows using atomized spraying on domestic and import equipment.

The product has passed toxicological-hygienic tests, a test on absence of toxic elements and radiometric indicators, and has been registered by the state hygienic expertize.


We hope that our cooperation will let you know that the activity of our enterprise is built on mutual benefit and good neighbourship. 

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